I am working on a setup of sending documents to be signed from Salesforce to Docusign, via their APEX toolkit. At this time I am doing almost a straight copy of the example code they have at the following url:


The code is failing in Section 2. Here is my small rework of the code they have presented. I have only changed how the document is added to the envelope, as it isn't stored linked to a contact, like their example.

public PageReference Send_Envelope(){
        //Step 2, Start of the document signing process now
        quoteId = ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters().get('id');
        // Getting contact and signer info
        List<Contact> contacts = [SELECT Id,Name,Phone,Email FROM Contact where Id IN (:quoteDetail[0].AccountContact__c,:quoteDetail[0].Co_Signer__c)];
        // Build a list of offer envelopes to send
        List<dfsle.Envelope> envelopes = new List<dfsle.Envelope>();
        for (Contact c : contacts) {
            system.debug('contacts Name = ' + c.Name);
            // Get an empty envelope with org defaults
            envelopes.add(dfsle.EnvelopeService.getEmptyEnvelope(new dfsle.Entity(c.Id))
                          // Customize the email subject and message
                          .withEmail('Quote for ' + c.Name, c.Name + ', please review and sign the enclosed Quote.')
                          // Add linked offer letter to envelope
                          .withDocuments(dfsle.DocumentService.getDocuments(Document.getSObjectType(), new Set<Id> { attachId }))
                          // Add the contact as a recipient
                              new Set<Id> { c.Id })));
        // Send the envelopes and determine which envelopes were sent successfully
        // Filter out unsuccessfully sent envelopes
        List<Contact> contactsToUpdate = new List<Contact>();
        List<dfsle.Envelope> sentEnvelopes = new List<dfsle.Envelope>();
        for (dfsle.Envelope envelope : dfsle.EnvelopeService.sendEnvelopes(envelopes)) {
            if (envelope.error == null) {
                // Envelope sent successfully
                contactsToUpdate.add(new Contact(
                    Id = envelope.source.id,
                    Department = 'Sent'));
            } else {
                // Handle send error
                System.debug('Envelope error: ' + envelope.error);
        return new PageReference('/'+quoteId);

When this code runs I get the following error message

Attempt to de-reference a null object Error is in expression '{!Send_Envelope}' in page docusignquote_202008_vp: >Class.Print_Docusign.Send_Envelope: line 82, column 1

An unexpected error has occurred. Your development organization has been notified..

Line 82 happens to be the following.


I don't see why this might be happening. While I believe this is a Docusign function, I assume there is something wrong with my code. I don't see it so far. I know that the 'contacts' array has entries in it. The same function seems to be working fine for the document process. Is there something I am missing in this?

  • Are you sure that the Docusign method accepts Schema.SObjectType? You'll need to check with Docusign support resources. Jan 19 at 0:37

So I have finally figured this out. Ton of reading in the apex guide and a bit of insight based on that. I believe that there was an error in the code that was published by the Docusign website. That line 82 was the following on the URL that I posted.


I got it work with this line of code instead


It needed a field to check to get the Object type of, i.e., in this case the C.Id field is part of a SOBject type for a contact record. 'Contact' wasn't valid for that code, C.Id is a valid field for that code. It both compiled clean and the code ran and did what was expected. woot woot

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