<lightning:combobox aura:id="filterCaseType" label = "{!$Label.c.CPL_Event_Type}" name="caseTypes" placeholder="Case Type" options="{!v.caseEventTypeOptions }" onchange="{!c.filterCasesByType }"/>

caseEventTypeOptions --> Is list of Key value pair

now values are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.....Saturday.

Now when page loads i want Tuesday to be selected by default. How can i achieve this in aura:lightning cmp on java script side.

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You have to make use of the value attribute.

Check the below code

            label = "Select a Fruit" 
            value = "{! v.defaultVal }"
            placeholder = "Select Progress"
            options="{! v.options }" 
            onchange="{! c.handleChange }"/>

In the above code, defaultVal attribute holds the default value for the Combo Box.

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