I want to add a quick action button into a record ListView which calls a flow.

When I open the list view options, I can not see the quick actions that I created. It says "New Quick Action" but it never populates the actions.

List is empty

Anyone figured it out before?

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It appears that only Create a Record or Update a Record action types are available for list view actions.

IMPORTANT You can perform a mass quick action on only the following quick action types: Create a Record Update a Record

There is an idea for this on trailblazer community.

Apparently there was a workaround before however latest comments indicates it is not working anymore.

  • As a solution I created a list button with URL type and as a path I entered the flow and it works. Jan 20, 2021 at 8:59

It is possible to use a visualforce controller to pass the list of records into the flow. Vibhor Goel has the best writeup I've seen:


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