My build logs, but the important bit below:

aac6a114e757: Pull complete
    Digest: sha256:48b6801235e4179dec2427bd57853239553ea8bba20fba496df219469370b11c
    Status: Downloaded newer image for mhart/alpine-node:15
     ---> 53438cdc4c73
    Step 2/11 : WORKDIR /app
     ---> Running in 7346b7cbd272
    Removing intermediate container 7346b7cbd272
     ---> d6b90bc0c19b
    Step 3/11 : COPY package.json package-lock.json ./
     ---> eeb7183c29f1
    Step 4/11 : RUN npm i
     ---> Running in adb2f082e16d

For some reason at each deploy I get this: Status: Downloaded newer image for mhart/alpine-node:15, as if that download wasn't cached. Also, despite not changing the contents of package.json or package-lock.jon the command npm i gets re-run. But in the same run, I believe the release phase is cached though (the release phase uses the builder stage from the Dockerfile)

My Dockerfile My heroku.yml My app.json

I don't know why this is. I am confused because also for Heroku to recognise my app as a container based deploy I had to do heroku container:push web for my app, would that interfere somehow with heroku.yml based deployment?

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