Before I submit my app for Security Review I checked it with the free scanner. It marked the following line of JS-code in a Visualforce as Critical XSS vulnerability:

<script>var trueOrFalse = '{!MyObject__c.chk_CheckboxField__c}';</script>

As far as I know I cannot go into security review with such findings, although this is a False Positive as the report mentions. How can I cure this efficiently?

<script>var trueOrFalse = '{!JSENCODE(MyObject__c.chk_CheckboxField__c)}';</script>

does not work as JSENCODE expects text and not boolean.

<script>var trueOrFalse = '{!JSENCODE(TEXT(MyObject__c.chk_CheckboxField__c))}';</script>

also doesn't work, as TEXT() not accepts Boolean values.

What should I do?

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    You can include a document describing your false positives, and explaining why you did it this way. – pjcarly Apr 18 '14 at 13:42
  • @RobertSösemann Have you figured out the best approach to deal with the same? I am facing the same challenge. – Madhavi Bhattad Dec 20 '18 at 6:32

You do not need to rewrite the code to eliminate scanner false positives -- there will always be false positives.

However, if you want to rewrite the code, then you can replace a boolean with a text literal and then cast to a Bool.

var foo = Boolean('{!JSENCODE(IF(MyObject__c.chk_CheckboxField__c,"true", "false"))}'); //absurd way to quiet scanner

As an aside, in the next iteration of the rules, this false positive should be taken care of.

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    Did anyone come up with a better - less hacky - solution since 2014? It obscures my code in so many places that I still didn't use it. – Robert Sösemann Aug 24 '17 at 15:26
  • Boolean('false') and Boolean('true') both will return true because both are booleans. – Fabiano Shark Jul 9 at 14:10

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