Can anyone tell me which REST API call would I use to target an individual device for MobilePush? I have a use case where we need to send a targeted push notification to an individual device and then deep link them into a particular page in the application. I dont see anywhere obvious in the documentation.

If someone could help with the call and an example payload it would be much appreciated.


  • I added the marketing-cloud tag to your question but then it occurred to me that you could be referring to a Custom Notification that is delivered to the user's mobile device. Can you confirm if your question is marketing cloud specific?
    – Mark Pond
    Jan 8 '21 at 18:31
  • My apologies, I meant to add Marketing Cloud. Yes this is relating to Marketing Cloud Mobile Push. We would like to deliver a notification to a specific users device with a deep link into the app.
    – DavidB
    Jan 8 '21 at 21:03

You can generate a bell notifications via Apex for a specific user(s); does this work for you? See https://salesforce.stackexchange.com/a/286556/10073

It calls the /services/data/{version}/actions/standard/customNotificationAction

  • Unfortunately not but thanks for the suggestion. In this instance we have an external app which when a user meets certain criteria, the app will send a call to the MC mobilepush API to hopefully send a push notification to that specific user.
    – DavidB
    Jan 9 '21 at 11:00

/push/v1/messageContact/{message ID/send

With this endpoint you can target a contact by Contact Key or Push Token.

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