I have a file import automation that adds & updates records in a data extension. I can see that the automation is running successfully every time a file is dropped in the sftp location (I have no errors or failed runs) and I see that the data extension shows an updated "date last imported" timestamp that matches the daily automation run.

However, no new records are added to the data extension even though the automation has been running daily successfully. The automation was working for months without any issue and then a few weeks ago it stopped adding new records. The automation wasn't failing so I never got an alert. I just happened to check the number of contacts in the data extension and realized it was far lower than what I had in my .csv file.

I have 4,663 contacts in the csv file that is being imported. But the data extension only has 3,252 records.

The automation is set to Add & Update records upon import.

I have checked the field mappings, the data extension name, the file name...plus given the fact that the automation is not showing any errors and is in fact completing successfully, I'm not sure how to troubleshoot this.

Appreciate any tips. Thanks.

  • I found out that a column header in the csv file was changed which broke the field mapping. However, I'm curious why the automation did not show an error in the activity history (I have also set up my email to be notified of automation run errors but never got an email). I notice that an error log file was added daily to the ftp folder. Any ideas why the automation shows all green, no errors, all successful completions? – sam4samara Jan 8 at 16:57

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