I need to remove the trailing spaces from a String. However, when I try that in Execute Anonymous window with the below test apex code, I am getting the below error message.

String testString = 'ABCD124  ';
System.debug('Trimmed string = ' + rtrim(testString,' '));

Method does not exist or incorrect signature: void rtrim(string, string)

I need to retain the leading spaces, if there are any. So, I can't use the trim() method.

I also tried without the second parameter, and it did not work either.

Can someone help?

The regular expression worked, but I have problems related to this. I getting a response from REST API with some account details and I am comparing the old and new values before updating the account. Some sample code snippet is below.

if (((aRec.D__c != null && aRec.D__c.replaceAll(regExp,'') != (aUpdRec.D__c != null && aUpdRec.D__c.replaceAll(regExp, '')) ||
((aRec.P__c != null && aRec.P__c.replaceAll(regExp,'') != (aUpdRec.P__c != null && aUpdRec.P__c.replaceAll(regExp, '')))

However, the value of D__c could be null in some cases and it is throwing the below error message.

Logical Operator can only be applied to boolean

It appears that the || operation is causing the issue when the values are null. When aRec.D__c is null and aUpdRec.D__c is null, we are comparing null != null and I am not sure the result of this. I guess it is not a boolean and hence getting the error message.

Any ideas to fix this?


I was able to fix it, by adding the statements before the if condition:

if (aRec.D__c != null)
   aRec.D__c = aRec.D__c.replaceAll(regExp,'');


I have couple of fields on the accounts (D__c, P__c and some more). I make a callout to a third party webservice and get the new values for these fields on the account. I need to trim the trailing spaces on the fields before comparing. In short, I am trying to evaluate the below expression.

if ((aRec.D__c == null && aUpdRec.D__c != null) || 
    (aRec.D__c != null && aUpdRec.D__c == null) || 
    (aRec.D__c != null && aUpdRec.D__c != null &&  
     aRec.D__c.replaceAll(regExp,'') !=  
     aUpdRec.D__c.replaceAll(regExp,'')) || ==> repeat for other fields like P__c.

When I use the above expression, I am getting the message "Comparison arguments must be compatible types: NULL, Boolean.

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You could a regular expression to remove spaces with String.replaceAll(regExp, replacement)

String regExp = '\\s+$';
String test = '  Hello   World     ';
System.debug('Output: ' + test.replaceAll(regExp, '') + '-- End'); // Output:   Hello   World-- End

You have a problem with parentheses.
You wrote: aRec.D__c != null && aRec.D__c.replaceAll(regExp,'') != (aUpdRec.D__c != null && aUpdRec.D__c.replaceAll(regExp, '')).
I'm going to add parentheses to explain what happens: (aRec.D__c != null) && (aRec.D__c.replaceAll(regExp,'') != (aUpdRec.D__c != null && aUpdRec.D__c.replaceAll(regExp, ''))).
The problem is here: (aRec.D__c.replaceAll(regExp,'') != (aUpdRec.D__c != null && aUpdRec.D__c.replaceAll(regExp, ''))). The left operand is a String, the second one is an expression that evaluates to a boolean. That's why you got "Logical Operator can only be applied to boolean"

Try this:

if ( (aRec.D__c?.replaceAll(regExp,'') != aUpdRec.D__c?.replaceAll(regExp, '')) ||
  (aRec.P__c?.replaceAll(regExp,'') != aUpdRec.P__c?.replaceAll(regExp, '')) )

Update: Using the ?. operator the if-blcok will be executed whether aRec.D__c or aRec.P__c will differ from their UpdRec relatives. I.E. aRec.D__c is null and aUpdRec.D__c is not and viceversa, or their values aren't equal.

Please take a look at XY Problem. If you could state what you would like to achieve, we could provide more useful answers.

  • Thanks, it worked. However, I have another problem related to this code. My sample code is below. Will update in original post Jan 7, 2021 at 16:34
  • @BalajiPooruli I've update the answer. There was a problem with parentheses in your if
    – RubenDG
    Jan 7, 2021 at 17:04
  • @RubanDG, Thanks for your answer. The if statements that you have may or may not work as there are chances where either one of them could be null. The solution I have given in the original post seems to be working as expected. Jan 7, 2021 at 17:41
  • @BalajiPooruli since those statements are in AND, if any resolves to false, the following will not be evaluated, therefore there will not be a NullPointerException, because it will evaluate aRec.D__c.replaceAll(regExp,'') != aUpdRec.D__c.replaceAll(regExp, '') only if both aRec.D__c and aUpdRec.D__c are not null. The same goes with aRec.P__c.replaceAll(regExp,'') != aUpdRec.P__c.replaceAll(regExp, '')
    – RubenDG
    Jan 7, 2021 at 18:36
  • There will not be a NullPointerException, but if aRec.D__c is not null and aUpdRec.D__c is null, the whole expression will not be evaluated and hence we will be missing that update. Let me know if I am missing something Jan 7, 2021 at 19:56

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