I developed a datatable with dynamic columns. I've a URL column and a column with a button. Now I'd like to merge these two columns. If a record value exists, I'll show URL link and of values doesn't exist, I want to show button. Following is the existing implementation:

Controller js:

                     var headers = [];
                        label : record.Label,
                        fieldName : 'linkName1',
                        type : 'url',
                        typeAttributes: innerHeaders,
                        target: '_blank'
                        label : 'Click Here',
                        fieldName : 'Click Here',
                        type : 'button',
                        typeAttributes: {
                        label: 'Click Here',
                        iconPosition: 'left'

Above code displays two columns separately , but how do I make it to display url and button in same column.

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