Please let me know if these objects are available in service cloud.

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Yes they are.
Service cloud includes everything that Sales Cloud does.

Sales Cloud refers to the “sales” module in Salesforce.com. It includes:

  • Accounts, Contacts
  • Leads, Opportunities
  • Reports, Dashboards
  • Campaigns
  • Tasks, Activities
  • Products, Assets, Quotes
  • Calendars, Events
  • Forecasts, Territory Management
  • Chatter
  • Custom Apps, Tabs & Objects
  • Self-Service Portal
  • Public Knowledge (via Communities)
  • CTI Integration (more service-focused)
  • Cases, Solutions
  • Visual Workflow
  • Add-On: Knowledge Base
  • Add-On: Service Cloud Portal

Service Cloud includes everything that Sales Cloud does and adds the additional:

  • Service Cloud Console
  • Service Entitlements
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Visual SLA Timelines
  • Add-On: Live Agent
  • Omnichannel Routing
  • CTI integration
  • Web-to-case
  • Add-On: Live Messaging


In order to get the List of Standard Objects you could start from Service Cloud Developer Center then look at "Dive Deeper" section and click on SOAP API Developer Guide then expand "Reference", and click on "Standard Objects". There you'll find both Pricebook2 and PricebookEntry.
In those pages is stated what do you need to use such objects, if they have requirements. I.E. JobProfile needs Field Service.

In Filed Service Docs you can see this image which show Pricebook and PricebookEntry as Sales and Service objects. standard_data_model

Even in FSC documentation you can see that standard objects are referred as "Sales or Service Object" in these two images data_model_1 and data_model_1.

More info on developer.salesforce.com and here.


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