How to remove the html tags and get the original content in lightning because in classic it appears correctly but when i switch to Lighting it is adding &" something whenever i am writting "isn't" , it is replacing it to ampersand#39Colon

Please help me with the code to replace because I have tried to replace it with replaceAll by component.set(); but it did not work. Kindly suggest.

  • Where are you setting it? Rich text area content if set in aura:html should take care of those tags automatically. Jan 4 at 10:43
  • I am setting under the helper method.
    – user91530
    Jan 4 at 13:13
  • I meant what is your UI tag under which this rich text are is used, please share some code snippet to better understand the scenario. Jan 4 at 13:15
  • Actually its a managed package so there are lots of complex components inside components so i thought to changes it directly from js. is that not possible? because i tried to set the text with something else and it did so the only thing i am unable to do it is when i use apostrophe then it should replace everything
    – user91530
    Jan 4 at 13:25

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