I need to do a text input validation in javascript with the below rules.

Could you please let me know the regular expression for this?

the Text Input should be exactly 8 long, and it should meet the following conditions:

Starts with 3 letters Then and Underscore and ends with 4 Digits I have tried this : /^[a-z A-Z]{3} - [0-9]{4} *$/ but it did not work Thank you

  • While @PeterNoges has already answered your question, there many online tools out there which help you build regexp easily, such as this one.
    – arut
    Dec 31 '20 at 5:46

do these work? One is underscore, one is hyphen based. Typed from my phone.

var match = yourStringVariable.match(/(^[a-z A-Z]{3} - [0-9]{4})/i);

var match = yourStringVariable.match(/(^[a-z A-Z]{3}_[0-9]{4})/i);

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