I am trying to query CaseComment (and Parent Case) data and need the text value of the Case record type. I have tried the methods in several other answers but always get [object Object] rather than the record type name. My query is:

select id, ParentId, Parent.RecordTypeId, Parent.RecordType.Name, Parent.CaseNumber, IsPublished, CommentBody, CreatedById, CreatedBy.UserName, CreatedBy.ProfileId, CreatedBy.FirstName, CreatedBy.LastName, CreatedBy.Email, CreatedDate, LastModifiedById, LastModifiedDate, CreatorName 
from casecomment 
where createddate = today

This is a limitation of the Salesforce Developer Console. It cannot output grandparent field data from a query. If you use something like the Apex Data Loader, Workbench, VS Code/Salesforce DX query commands, etc, you'll get that data as you expect.

Workbench Query

SOQL Result Data

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