Can someone please help me? I want to delete data from Data Extensions, and I tried different variations. But unfortunately, it didn't work. For info I have so far used variant 1 without any problems. The DE "Used for sending" = NO, USED FOR TESTING = "NO" My Source Code:

 <script runat=server>
Platform.Load("core", "1.1.1");
//-----Start-- write log to DE 

function WriteLog(message, status) {
    var processLogsDE = DataExtension.Init('ent.test_LogXXXXXXXXXX');
    processLogsDE.Rows.Add({ 'message': message, 'status': status });

function WriteErrorLog(message) {
    WriteLog(message, 'ERROR');

function WriteInfoLog(message) {
    WriteLog(message, 'INFO');

//-----End-- write log to DE 


var source_DE_name = 'ent.test_XXXXXXX_be_deleted'; 

var dataRows = Platform.Function.LookupRows(source_DE_name, 'remove', 'True');

if (dataRows && dataRows.length > 0) {
    for (var i = 0; i < dataRows.length; i++) {
        var email_address = dataRows[i].EmailAddress;
        WriteInfoLog("3 Email:" + email_address);
        var from_DE_name = 'ent.White Night – 2018';

        try {
            // 1. variant
            var row_number = Platform.Function.DeleteData(from_DE_name, ['email'], [email_address]);
            // 2. variant 
            //var row_number = Platform.Function.DeleteData(from_DE_name, "email", email_address);
            //3. variant 
            // var deleteDE = DataExtension.Init(from_DE_name);
            // deleteDE.Rows.Remove(["email"], [email_address]);

            WriteInfoLog("[Delete Contact from DE: " + from_DE_name + "] [Email: " + email_address + " ]");

        } catch (e) {



result from variant 1

{"message":"An error occurred when attempting to execute an DeleteData function call.
 See inner exception for details.","description":"ExactTarget.OMM.FunctionExecutionException:
 An error occurred when attempting to execute an DeleteData function call.
 See inner exception for details.\r\n  Error Code: OMM_FUNC_EXEC_ERROR\r\n 
- from Jint --> \r\n\r\n --- inner exception 1---\r\n\r\nExactTarget.OMM.OMMException:
 An error occurred when attempting to execute an update of the database.
  See inner exception for details.\r\n\r\n  StackID: 7\r\n  EnterpriseID: XXXXXXX\r\n
  ClientID: XXXXXX\r\n  Client Database ID: XXXX\r\n  Account Type: BUSINESS_UNIT\r\n
  JobID: 0\r\n  MachineName: XXXXXX\r\n\r\nSql Text:\r\nDELETE [CXXXXX].[White Night – 2018]
 WHERE [email] = @p0_0;\r\n\r\nSql Parameters:\r\n  0: [NVarChar] @p0_0 = XXXXXXXX@gmail.com\r\n\r\n
  Error Code: OMM_SQL_UPDATE_ERR\r\n - from OMMCommon --> \r\n\r\n --- inner exception 2---\r\n\r\nSystem.Data.SqlClient.SqlExcept  ERROR

result from Variant 2

{"message":"Unable to retrieve security descriptor for this frame.","
Unable to retrieve security descriptor for this frame. - from mscorlib\r\n\r\n"}    ERROR

result from Variant 3

"There was an error Removing the row(s)."   ERROR

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