We're using Salesforce as an identity provider so that SF users can log in to our Zendesk.

So we set up a connected app "Zendesk" and set up the SAML part. The connection is functional for users with "External identity", "Customer community Login" or "Customer community" licenses.

But for users with a "Salesforce" license, the connection is not working.

Indeed it seems that there is an error in the redirection after the login page

Here is the scenario:

The part "https://DOMAIN.my.salesforce.com/" is repeated three times.

The connection is however effective since if the user removes "by hand" in his browser the 2 extra occurrences of "https://nextdoor.my.salesforce.com/", then he is redirected to Zendesk and is connected: which corresponds to the expected behavior.

We looked for several configuration elements to avoid this behavior but we couldn't find them.

It seems nevertheless that the configuration is good since:

  • this problem only appears for users with a "Salesforce" license
  • and if we correct the redirection problem manually, the connection is functional

Anyone has seen this redirection behavior ?

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