I am aware that Xamarin SDKs are not currently on the roadmap for the MarketingCloud SDK as per this question and others: Xamarin support for MobilePush SDK

Has anybody out there got any experience with rolling their own binding for MarketingCloud for Android on Xamarin?

The most recent I've been able to find online is for v 6.1.0 which is almost 2 years old: https://github.com/nventive/Binding.Salesforce.MarketingCloud

Has anybody got anything more up to date they are able to share or some tips or gotchas for binding v7.x?

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    I have anecdotal evidence that at least 2 customers have created a binding for the Android SDK's v7.x. I encouraged them to share their work publicly but they have not yet done so. – Bill Mote Dec 17 '20 at 16:21

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