I try to start a Flow in Visualforce Page. This Flow has Apex-Defined type input variables.

My Apex-Defined Class code

public class OpportunityCloseConfig {

public String currentType;

public String avoidStage;    

My code for start flow

    $Lightning.use("c:LightningFlowApp", function() { 
       $Lightning.createComponent("lightning:flow", {"onstatuschange":handleFlowStatusChange},
          function (component) {
              var flowName = flow.ApiName;                        
              var namespace = flow.NamespacePrefix;
              var apexObject = {
                  currentType: "Existing Customer - Downgrade",
                  avoidStage: "Closed Won"
              var jsonString = JSON.stringify(apexObject);
              var inputVariables = [
                    config: apexObject
              component.startFlow(flowName, inputVariables);

When I start flow I got follow error message on Screen, please see this image.

enter image description here

In Browser Console I also found error message "Error in $A.getCallback() [[object Object]]", does anyone know what's wrong in our code and how to fixed it?

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You can start the flow from Visualforce page by using the below sample code -

<apex:page standardController="Contact">  
   <flow:interview name="<NAME OF YOUR FLOW>" finishLocation="{!URLFOR('/003')}">  
     <apex:param name="currentType" value="Existing Customer - Downgrade" />  
     <apex:param name="avoidStage" value="Closed Won" />  

You can replace with the actual flow api name.

  • Thanks for your idea, after discuss with my team, we decide call this a limitation.
    – GhostLee
    Commented Jan 22, 2021 at 8:20

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