I have a custom object "Custom1" on which we added an Approval process. The process is easy when the object is approved by the approver then I have a Final Approval Actions that is set to update a field in "Custom1" Called is_approved ( True/False - Checkbox)

Then using a Flow builder I set that if the field is is_approved: True then it should trigger the flow that will update a field in many records linked to "Custom1"

For some reason, the Flow Builder is not triggered when it happens after the approval process. However, if I edit the field is_approved to TRUE manually then the flow is triggered

Could you please help me to trigger it after the approval process?

FYI: enter image description here


Make sure your approval process field update has "Re-evaluate Workflow Rules after Field Change" checked.

If it is checked, this feature may not be supported. You can work around it by having process builder invoke the Flow instead, as noted in this similar question: RecordTriggerAutolaunched flow Not firing

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