I used to work on Vs code for lwc development . I am not aware of the previous version but After Updating to version : 1.51.1 .

  • Authorize an Org : Redirecting to Browser but after logining in the Instance . It is not showing the org authorized . (Keeps on loading ) .
  • I'm unable to load or retrieve components from existing authorized org's browser . I dont find stash.json file in .sfdx folder . enter image description here I have uninstalled multiple times and Tried installing Previous versions but nothing worked .

Version : Visual Studio Code version : 1.51.1 Salesforce Extension pack : 50.8.0 Sfdc client in machine : sfdx-cli/7.74.1-32db2396ed win32-x64 node-v12.18.3 Windows 10 Home - 64 bit .

Sfdx plugins --core :

sfdx plugins --core @oclif/plugin-autocomplete 0.1.5 (core) @oclif/plugin-commands 1.3.0 (core) @oclif/plugin-help 3.2.0 (core) @oclif/plugin-not-found 1.2.4 (core) @oclif/plugin-plugins 1.9.0 (core) @oclif/plugin-update 1.3.10 (core) @oclif/plugin-warn-if-update-available 1.7.0 (core) @oclif/plugin-which 1.0.3 (core) @salesforce/sfdx-trust 3.4.3 (core) alias 1.1.1 (core) analytics 1.12.1 (core) config 1.1.8 (core) generator 1.1.3 (core) salesforcedx 49.10.0 (core) ├─ custom-metadata 1.0.10 (core) ├─ templates 49.4.4 (core) ├─ apex 0.0.9 (core) ├─ salesforce-alm 49.11.0 (core) └─ @salesforce/sfdx-plugin-lwc-test 0.1.7 (core) sfdx-cli 7.74.1 (core)

Need urgent help , If any way to connect via google call or any sort that would be helpful . Any suggestion is apppreciated . Thank you


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It's usually an extension acting up. In the command palette, run this to see all extensions and their startup time:

Developer: Show Running Extensions

Disable every extension that you can and restart the IDE. If things are behaving in a performant fashion, that's the issue.

Source: it happened to me last month :)

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