I need to retrieve this specific columns with their expected data values from SOQL resultset when I execute the following SOQL query

select SI_Old_Product_ID__c , Name, (Select Name ,SKU_MAP_Price_Amt__c from SKUs__r) from SI_Product__c WHERE CreatedDate > 2013-10-08T01:02:03Z

[Sample Data from the query above when executed][1]

How can I optimize the data coming from a subquery so that it can appear in its respective columns like

Name SKU_MAP_Price_Amt_c 200696-01 19.99

I am using the Sales force input step in Pentaho.

Please help me.

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    Where are you running this soql ? I think it's a display issue of the tool you're using. Apr 16, 2014 at 14:42

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What are you trying to do with the resulting data? Are you importing the SKU records to another database (or salesforce instance)?

I don't have much to go off from your question, but one simple way you could "optimize" the query above is to tackle it from the Child (SKU object) rather than the Parent (SI_Product__c). Here's an example of what I mean:

    SI_Product__r.CreatedDate > '2013-10-08T01:02:03Z'

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