I'd like to multiply the quantity value I have stored in my DE by 1.25. The DE field is set to number. I've named the variable @Pens. I created another variable @PensCost to store the value of @Pens x 1.25.

I've tried:

SET @PensCost = Multiply(@Pens, 1.25) 

but I get an error message:

Multiply Parameter Name: Value1 Parameter Ordinal: 1 Parameter Type: Numeric Submitted." What am I doing wrong?

I've used this same format for other products and it's working fine. When I use %%=v(@Pens)=%% it returns the quantity number so I know my variable does have data.

More detailed code:

VAR @Pens, @PensCost
SET @Pens = AttributeValue("PAPERMATE PENS BLUE FINE POINT 15 ct")
SET @PensCost = Multiply(@Pens, 1.25) 
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    From a quick glance, it should work, however, I would love to see the full code where you're referencing the @Pens variable to the DE field. cheers Dec 13, 2020 at 6:38
  • Did you verify if there was the possibility of a null value? If there is no condition to check that, if @Pens is ever null, it will toss an error on the Multiply. Dec 14, 2020 at 14:10
  • Thanks but I set the default value of the field to 0. I was able to read the quantity when I wrote %%=v(@Pens)=%% but the multiply function wasn't working. Not sure why just changing the DE field name allowed it to worked.
    – user55293
    Dec 15, 2020 at 4:03

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I'm posting my solve for anyone else dealing with the same issue. Even though the data extension field was set to Number and I was able to access the value with %%=v(@Pens)=%% I was getting errors on any math function.

All I did was change the field name in the DE to PAPERMATE PENS BLUE 15ct and update

SET @Pens = AttributeValue("PAPERMATE PENS BLUE 15ct") 

It's working now.

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