I have insufficient privileges to create a trigger on an object in Salesforce

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However, I am wondering where I can figure out what privileges I need? Or which privileges I need to activate? I am an administrator for my organization so I should have privileges.

For example, I have privileges to 'author apex'

enter image description here

What am I missing here? What permissions do I need or need to enable in order to write a new trigger? Is it possible my organization doesn't have the correct license to allow that?

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    Is this object of yours a standard object, a custom object, or is it part of a managed package? Do you have an Enterprise or Unlimited edition org (I don't think Apex/triggers can be created on Essentials and Professional edition orgs)?
    – Derek F
    Dec 8 '20 at 23:00
  • This is a custom object. We have the enterprise edition. Dec 9 '20 at 14:28

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