I know how it works for Triggered Sends -

Does Triggered Send count against total contacts in Marketing Cloud?

and the notable difference between All Contacts / All Subscribers.

Question: Can the "new" transactional API used in a way that does not create billable contact records? Meaning that it could be used using external Ids for recipients (e.g. non-Salesforce Ids) paying only the Super Messages for the sendout, not creating additional billable Contacts that might have to be deleted. I couldn't find any reference in the documentation on that, and since Contact Count is not easy to determine in real-time, I don't trust my own tests from a while back.


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Short answer NO,

Every subscriber sent to within SFMC has to be a contact, there is no way to send a message without creating a contact.

As far as counts go the All Contacts screen in contact builder is an accurate representation of contacts (just doesn't dedupe by subkey)

This help article: 'Contact Definition and Count Determination in Contact Builder' is inclusive of what a contact is.

A contact is also a person to whom you sent a message via any Marketing Cloud channel, including these examples:

Journey Builder MobileConnect MobilePush GroupConnect

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