I would like to call someMethod1 and someMethod2 from myClass from a Trigger on update. How can I use type casting to call the two methods?


public interface myInterfaceClass {
  void someMethod1();
  void someMethod2();

myClass class

public class myClass implements myInterfaceClass {
  public static void someMethod1() { /* code logic */ }
  public static void someMethod2() { /* code logic */ }  

Here is what i tried but not sure it is correct

myTrigger class

trigger myTrigger on Contact (after update) {
  Type myType = Type.forName('myClass');

You need to cast your variable type. The class that implements that interface should be cast to that interface, so you can access its methods:

 IMyInterface instance = (IMyInterface) Type.forName('Myclass');

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