I'm trying to find out if there is any way to determine who is in each step of a journey. I'm aware that there are a couple of data views that exist for journeys, namely _Journey and _JourneyActivity. My ask is that I find out who exactly is in the circled step below in the screenshot. I'm not too sure how to do this, if it's even possible. Ideas?

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If you really need to know who reached this particular step of your journey, you could implement an Update Contact block which allows you to log information to a data extension. This way you would obtain information who landed on the path right before the split from your screen.

The are some limitations though:

  • you can only log 5 values this way
  • the data extension used as a log needs to be sendable
  • by default the values put into the data extension are hard-coded and you need a workaround to get dynamic values that are different for each customer - you can find it here in the answer of @jogsottot (basically pretend you want to configure a SF object and just copy the string containing Journey Data into the Update Contact activity)

This will create a log which will log all entries on that path and you could set some retention settings to limit who will be displayed there.


This number indicates how many have been through this particular step, as the only step you can be in is a wait step. It is not possible to use any of the available data views or reports to identify which step a given contact has reached.

There is an option to ask Salesforce for a custom data view, as in my example here. There might be a possibility of a more sophisticated solution, but I am yet to see it built.

One can ask, what would a purpose of such a solution be, and if it could be achieved through different means.

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