I am trying to export chatter posts (feeditem object - ideally with a contact reference/ID) using dataloader.io but no matter how I create the export job (or which instance I try it in) the GUI sticks with Records Counting spinning around - it never ends, I can't click Save or Save and Run, or cancel. The count never stops and I'm unable to export the data.

Here's a screencap of my task:

Dataloader task

And here's the SQOO query before I kick it off:

SELECT Id, BestCommentId, Body, CommentCount, CreatedById, CreatedDate, IsDeleted, Type, HasContent, HasLink, InsertedById, IsRichText, LastEditById, LastEditDate, LastModifiedDate, LikeCount, LinkUrl, ParentId, RelatedRecordId, Revision, Status, SystemModstamp, Title, Parent.Id, Parent.Email FROM FeedItem

Any help or alternative solution greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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