I have two standard objects



Each Quote may have one/more QuoteLineItems or maynot have any QuoteLineItems. Quote and QuoteLineItem are related with Master Detail Relationship. (Ranout of RollUp Summary Fields) QuoteLineItem has a formula field(percent type) called Gross_Margin__C. Quote has a custom field called Minimum_Margin__C.

I need a trigger on Quote(Parent) that will look at all of it's related QuoteLineItems(child records) Gross_Margin_c and returns minimum Gross_Margin__c on to the Quote record into the field Minimum_Margin_C.

Thanks in Advance


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Take a look at the roll up summary via lookup fields from Antony Victorio:


I've used this a number of times when a master-detail relationship with a standard roll up summary hasn't been an option.

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