I am trying to integrate with Marketing Cloud from Mulesoft and want to upload data from File to Data Extension. There is Import Definition Activity using SOAP API explained here in documentation. However, there is no clear explanation how to specify custom delimiter. Also, when I do import for the data enclosed in double quotes, it is not ignoring the double quotes.

Can someone please help me with how to specify these 2 condition in SOAP request?


Have you reviewed the WSDL for ImportDefinition? If you're looking for details about properties, that's what actually is available. That's where I look if the SOAP Object documentation isn't enough.

You specify the delimiter for your file with the Delimiter property.

I know csv and tab are valid values.

I'd expect | would also work since it's valid in the platform.

For the double-quote question, I'd experiment with setting the StandardQuotedStrings property.

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