Is there any way to handle a & in a params being sent in the URL of a restAPI call. So that the system doesn't think this the end and start of a different params? The URL being sent is below:

/services/apexrest/task?branchId=60521::BAC::London::Finance, Temp & PQ

When viewing the call in the debug log the & PQ is missing the branchId

enter image description here

If you need any further information, please let me know.

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Yes, you have to escape it, basically you use the method escapeHtml4() of the class String.

String s1 = 
String s2 = 
// Output:
// &quot;&lt;Mom&amp;Dad&gt;&quot;

You can refer to this similar question.

You can find useful the similar concept in another language, for example in Javascript

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    I might suggest EncodingUtil.urlEncode() instead, but the gist of it is correct (the characters need to be encoded/escaped)
    – Derek F
    Nov 30, 2020 at 19:35
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    Thanks for your answers. Its pointed me in the right direction Nov 30, 2020 at 21:19

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