I don't want this "My Account" menu item in my Community:

screen shot of offending menu

This post from Igor Androsov uses CSS to remove it:

  display: none;  

but that no longer seems relevant in LWC-based Communities. I don't see any Community builder configuration to remove it.

Is there a way?


I may be wrong here, as I have never worked on communities, but how was

.myAccount{ display:none; }

working before. When i inspect element in my community page, i see each menuitem written as home uiMenuItem, profile uiMenuItem. Though I cannot see My Account as I dont have certain permissions.

enter image description here

But I went ahead and from advanced setting of community builder edited the Head Markup to put this css.

      display: none;  

And it hides the My Profile section from the menu, May be if you can change the profile to whatever class name account has, that might work.

  • The CSS selector that I found by inspection is .profile-menuItem.myAccount and that worked. Thank-you!
    – Keith C
    Nov 26 '20 at 8:39

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