Hey versioning experts,

Has anyone used Apex to construct a semantic version bumper?

Im looking to implement an Apex-driven "versioning" concept to a custom app, functioning somewhat similar to versioning forms/validations in SFDC Packaging, but specific to salesforce Records, not Packages.

The idea is that records would have semantic versions like packages but stored in a custom text field, "SemVersion__c".
The user would be allowed to increment it using semantic versioning standards so that version strings are comparable (major minor patch qualifier etc.) and always-incrementing

Thanks for the collaboration!

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    I haven't explored using it against Apex records, but the native Version class could be really useful here. It will give you a container for you major, minor, and patch numbers. Plus a compareTo(version) method. – Daniel Ballinger Nov 24 '20 at 21:49

One option would be to use the native Version class that Apex provides.

This will give you major, minor, and patch numbers.

Plus there is an existing compareTo(version) method.

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