I have several recordtype on the account. I created a permission set that has access to a certain recordtype but there is no view all, but I need the user to have access to all the records created with that one recordtype. I was thinking of making two groups, one that has the permission set and the other that doesn't have that permission. But then I don't know how to do the rest. Any idea what I'm missing.



Permission Sets can't do this. What you would want to do is to create a Criteria-Based Sharing Rule, which would be configured to say that all records with the specific record record type are shared to a Public Group. The group would contain all the users that need this level of access. The Permission Set itself is not necessary.

  • I did a test and it worked, thanks for the help :) – Daniela Cerqueira Nov 23 '20 at 11:34

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