I've like to automate the process of removing users from a Permission Set when uninstalling a managed package:

global class AppUninstallHandler implements UninstallHandler {

    global void onUninstall(UninstallContext ctx) {

        List<String> names = new List<String> {'Power_User', 'Normal_User'};

        Set<Id> ids = (new Map<Id, PermissionSet>([SELECT ID FROM PermissionSet WHERE Name IN : names])).keySet();

        List<PermissionSetAssignment> assigments = [SELECT ID FROM PermissionSetAssignment WHERE PermissionSetId IN :ids];

        delete assigments;

But I still get the error message asking me to manually remove them before I can uninstall.

I am guessing the UninstallHandler cannot run unit after I've removed the users already?

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Correct. The uninstall handler won't run until the uninstall is successful. You could create a page/component/whatever to automate the removal of the permission sets, you just can't use this specific interface to do so.

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