I Have a custom cloud page which is used as an unsubscirbe page. When we submit the page by clicking the submit button it gives " 500 Internal Server Error".

How can we debug and resolve the problem on the Cloud page.

  • it must be the logic you have written in Apex and it's setting to NULL in any case(most of the cases null will lead to 500 internal server error.). and you're trying to access it over the VF page. you have to manually check/Print the Variable to the page or debug the flow of the logic in apex. – Umesh Beti Nov 20 at 12:44

Most likely, there is a problem with AMPScript or SSJS on this CloudPage. If you just applied some changes, it could take up to 5-7 minutes for the page to be published. Give it some time and reload if it does not help, you need to debug.

  • This is an intentional SF approach not to provide error details in such cases. This is done to provide a higher level of security. Nevertheless, you could do some debugging by wrapping your code into SSJS try catch block. Please check this discussion for more details on how to use it. I wonder, did really Marketing Cloud miss a debugging tool?

  • Alternatively, manual debugging through commenting of pieces of your script.

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