I'm interested in overriding the view action for an object. I'm going to use an LWC inside of an Aura component for the override.

The object has multiple record types. I would like to use the Aura component for one record type, but use the standard record detail App Builder page for the other record type.

While I understand that the Aura component can determine the record type and have conditional behavior based on that, I'm not sure it helps because I don't know how to navigate to a Record Detail App Builder page if the view action is overridden. Is there a way to do that, or does the override completely remove the ability to see the Record Detail App Builder page?

Alternatively, if I'm missing a better approach here that would also be welcome.


  1. Either Aura or LWC you can use Lightning Data Service to Determine RecordType of Record. Aura - force:recordData LWC - getRecord wire adapter. (https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/component-library/documentation/en/lwc/reference_wire_adapters_record)

  2. Overriding the Object View will override completely. We cannot separate the behavior for each individual record Type. Instead, In the Lightning Record Page, use conditional visibility filters - hide and display components based on the record type.

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