I have a date input on LWC component, which when left empty should give a validation error. I am able to achieve that but the issue that I am facing is after the input gives error and i fill the date value, the error is not rendered empty.Let me show by screenshot Expected if value is left empty

when value is entered,the error still persists


        let dateCmp = this.template.querySelector(".dateCmp");
        let dtValue =  dateCmp.value;

            dateCmp.setCustomValidity("Date value is required");
            return false;
        }else {
            return true;

handleSend() {
        if (!this.validateFields()) return;

Please let me know how can I achieve this? Any immediate help is very much appreciated.

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Adding a onchange handler in input field will fix the issue for you. This means you validate the value once more on change.

<lightning-input class="dateCmp" onchange={validateFields} type="datetime" label="enter a date"></lightning-input>
  • Thanks @Sanket Kumar ...What if i already have an onchange handler on the input cmp. onchange i am doing this : this.scheduleTime = event.detail.value; and then sending the updated value of scheduleTime.. Nov 13, 2020 at 14:27
  • Just add the validation piece of code their or call the validateFields method inside that Nov 13, 2020 at 16:55

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