I need to save some data in a param via Js. When I try to reuse the data, the param I get would be a proxy() obj, and I can not access the data of it. For example: in my .js file:

historyData = []

method() {
  var item = {}
  item.id = 'a'
  item.data = 'xxx'

get() {
  // here I get a proxy() object, the data is saved in originalTarget.
  this.historyData.find(item => item.id === 'a').data 

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any solution?

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This is how LWC or as a matter all Lightning components work.

Your code works fine. I created a button to check and it gave correct xxx

historyData = []

connectedCallback() {

pushToHistory() {
    var item = {};
    item.id = 'a';
    item.data = 'xxx';

handleButtonClick() {
    this.historyData.find(item => item.id === 'a').data;

Your code might be breaking elsewhere.

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