First time encountering this issue! Super weird. So, it seems that when I do a simple

<a href='%%=RedirectTo(@url)=%%'>click here</a>

The resulting URL is fine when the email is English. enter image description here

But, when the email is any other language, here's what I get. See the URL that is prepended before the "kytracing.link" URL? This only happens for non-English emails. Any ideas why this might be happening? As you can expect, clicking the erroneous email results in a 404 Not Found error.

enter image description here

  • The domain you want to redirect is "kytracing.link" (take the contact to "kytracing.link/mcgg")? – Leto Nov 13 at 14:19
  • No it's kytracing.link/mcgg is the domain it should direct to – Mike Marks Nov 13 at 14:21

If the protocol and domain doesn't change (It's the same for every record in your DE). You can use just the endpoint as variable in your DE.

Personalization strings with attributes can be used when the protocol and domain are included in the href value in the static message content.

Dynamic Link

So you can change your <a> tag to

<a href='https://kytracing.link/%%RebrandedUrl%%'>click here</a>

And in your DE you should change the values from the RebrandedUrl field to contain just the string after the /

kytracing.link/mcgg -> mcgg

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