I have a custom object 'Recipient' with a custom field to include last name. I need to display both the recipient's first and last name in the label portion of the highlights panel - right now, it only displays the 'Name' field which only shows the recipient's first name.

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How can I achieve this? I already added 'Last_Name__c" to the compact layout - however it only shows the last name in the bottom half of the highlights panel and not the label of which is just 'John' right now.


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You won't be able to add two separate fields to the top portion. You should create a formula field (if you haven't already) that combines the two fields, and then make that the first field in the compact layout.


Name = first name field
Last_Name__c = last name field
Full_Name__c = full name formula field

Full_Name__c = Name + ' ' + Last_Name__c

Set Full_Name__c as the compact layout's first field.

Edit: Added example.

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