In VSCode, there used to be a type ahead window with suggestions of SLDS classes when you start to create one. This menu no longer appears for me.

For example when I would type <span class="slds- a window with suggestions of slds classes would appear. I've included a screenshot below.

I am using the latest version (1.51) of VSCode on Windows 10. I tried updating SFDX, the Salesforce CLI extension, restarting the program and rebooting computer.

slds type-ahead

  • The intellisense feature if I remember stopped working automatically a while back, and now triggers with ctrl + space shortcut. :( – Raul Nov 11 '20 at 15:01
  • @Raul this brings up a menu, but it is only classes that have already been used in the file, not the complete list of classes available. – Philip Bolognini Nov 12 '20 at 20:39
  • @AvijitChakraborty I have the SLDS validator extension installed. It does not have any affect on whether this menu appears or not. – Philip Bolognini Nov 12 '20 at 20:39

In the settings.json there is a setting:


At first I thought this solved the problem, but then I realized it was only showing suggestions for slds classes that were already present in the file.


The problem was the specific version of the SLDS Validator extension. I had to install an old version of it (1.0.0). Then the type-ahead menu came back.

The current version I was on was not working (1.4.0).

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