I had an issue with the salesforce report , scroll down is not working. When selecting a date field to use in a report filter, clicking on the scrollbar to scroll down in the field list will immediately close the dialog, preventing selections. enter image description here

I cannot scroll after fiscal quarter.it is really frustrating.please provide anyone the solution for this?

  • I have tested this behavior in my org- Clicking the scroll bar makes the window disappear. I don't think we can navigate to the"sort by" option from the Keyboard keys. You can use the mouse scroll to navigate as a workaround. Nov 10, 2020 at 15:33
  • Can you please log a case with Salesforce support and share the case number here? It seems to be a UI bug that needs further investigation. Regards - Salesforce Support Nov 12, 2020 at 6:54

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Summarizing the comments:

Salesforce R&D team has been able to reproduce this reported issue that in Reports builder, by clicking on the scrollbar in "Group Date By", the drop-down menu gets closed. If using a laptop touchpad, this can be seen.

The issue has been confirmed as a UI bug and we have filed a new investigation numbered #W-8388291 that you can use as a reference. (I have followed up for a known issue to be created and will update this thread as I have more inputs)

This behaviour has been seen on multiple browsers- Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox. The workaround is to use the mouse scroll bar.


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