I have been through Trailhead and read multiple references, but am still not getting passing tests. I'm sure I'm missing something simple and need assistance with writing a passing test for a method that returns a boolean value.

Here is the controller extension (method) I need to test.

public with sharing class ShouldShowMedSection{
    public ShouldShowMedSection(ApexPages.StandardController paramController) {
       Intake = paramController;}
    public ApexPages.StandardController Intake {get; set;}
    public Boolean getShouldShowMedSection() {
       Intake__c record = (Intake__c)Intake.getRecord();
            record.Personal_Care__c != null && record.Personal_Care__c.contains('Medication')
            return true;
          return false;

Here is the test method I need assistance adjusting:

public class IntakeExtensionTest {
    static testMethod void ShouldShowMedSection() {        
        Intake__c i1 = new Intake__c();
        Boolean isValid = false;
        i1.Client_Name_First_and_Last_Initial__c = 'Test Client A';
        insert i1; 
        isValid = Intake__c.validate(i1);
        System.assert(isValid, true);


You need to instantiate the controller object first

ShouldShowMedSection ctrl = new ShouldShowMedSection(
     new ApexPages.StandardController(
       new Intake__c(Client_Name_First_and_Last_Initial__c = 'Test Client A',
                     Personal_Care__c = 'xxxMedicationxxx')));

System.assertEquals(true,ctrl. getShouldShowMedSection(),'sb valid');


  • The first argument of the assert should be the expected value, not the actual value - in your testmethod, you had them reversed
  • In your controller, this clause record.Personal_Care__c != null can be removed because a standardcontroller will always have a record

The whole controller could be simplified/standardized to typical pattern to:

public with sharing class ShouldShowMedSection{
 ApexPages.StandardController ctrl;   
 public ShouldShowMedSection(ApexPages.StandardController ctrl) {
   this.ctrl = ctrl;
 public Intake__c record {
    get {
     record = this.ctrl.getRecord();
     return record;
     } set; }      

 public Boolean getShouldShowMedSection() {
    return this.record.Personal_Care__c?.contains('Medication');
  • Perfect! Thank you so muchh – Alexis Frisch Nov 9 '20 at 17:57

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