How can I access parameters passed from iframe src in Visualforce page. Lightning Page Iframe:

<iframe src="{!v.VFUrl}" width="100%"  height="500px;"  frameBorder="0"/

In VF page trying to access like:

         function(results, event){...

But unable to access, is there anything i'm wrongdoing. Can anyone help me out please.

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There are two options of passing iframe params.

First Options :

Add your params as a query param to the iframe url (v.VFUrl}). iframeURL.page?accountId=6573498576453&secondParam=4566456

Then from VFPage you can access.

var url = new URL(window.localtion.href);
var c = url.searchParams.get("accountId");
var d = url.searchParams.get("secondParam");

Second Option:

Use window.postMessage from lightning component.

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