I have an OWD of PRIVATE on Account/Contact

  • Criteria-based sharing rule extends Read to users in Group MyGroup

Given a user

  • with CRUD R on Account but not View ALL or View All Data
  • member of MyGroup

When search is done by said user...

  • Record is not found if owned by Automated Process user
  • Record is found if owned by any other user

What's going on?

(Implications for consumers of Platform Events that don't coerce an ownerId on inserted records)

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This appears to be a Known Issue

When you click the Sharing button

  • On a record owned by Automated Process, you see one entry for License Manager. Expanding License Manager you get all the users with View All on the Account object

  • On a record owned by any other user, you see an entry for User (the owner), and for MyGroup - that is, as expected.


  • use triggers or other automation to change the owner of the record to other than Automated Process or ...
  • extend View All permissions on record's SObject to affected users

UPDATE: Issue resolved in Spring 22

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    Agreed. I would add, perhaps the process / flow / trigger on your Platform Event could be explicitly set to assign a default owner. If you don't want to hard-code an ID you could use something like Organization.WebToCaseDefaultCreatorId.
    – Charles T
    Commented Nov 7, 2020 at 0:23

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