I'm currently working on a Flow that guides a User through creating a record.

For this I setup a simple screen with the radio button component. There are two choices set as resource: {!createGuide}, {!createGuideItem}

After this a decision-logic-component is supposed to decide which screen is called. However, I cannot get the decision to run properly.


enter image description here

Setup of RadioButtons:

enter image description here

Setup of Choices:

enter image description here

enter image description here

Setup of Decision:

enter image description here

Hopefully somebody can help

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I managed to solve the issue. In case anybody needs to know here's the way the solve:

  • Leave 'Choice Value' empty on the choice empty
  • Go to decision and set the Choice itself as resource and then select "Was Selected"
  • The value then needs to set to GlobalConstant.True

Hope this helps


Instead of checking radio_welcomescreen equals chc_guidescreen, you have to check

chc_guidescreen was selected true

You have to update the decision condition like below image

  • This is so damn counterintuitive! Dec 2, 2021 at 16:35

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