Version of Mobile SDK Used: 8.2.0

Version of Cordova ios: 5.1.1.

Issue found in Native App or Hybrid App: Hybrid iOS app

OS Version: 13.5

Device: iPhone SE

Assume we have two userid's

UserA :user_id 0053O000001xxxxQAE

UserB :user_id 0053O000001xxxTQAQ

We are trying to switch the user from UserA(logged in user) to UserB(new user) using switchToUser() method. After login with UserB it is not redirecting to UserB.

We are getting the below message from the Xcode console

enter image description here

Inside the SDK current user(UserA) is getting overwritten by New current user (UserB)

Kindly help me with this issue. Thank you in advance.

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