I need to add minutes in my time field in lightning component. When I simply try to add it, it's just concatenating them because time is in string type.

Is there an easy way to add minutes in the time field?

let programDataVar = component.get("v.ObjectName");
let fromTime = programDataVar.Start_Time__c;
let endtime = programDataVar.End_Time__c;

console.log(">>> Added time... "+fromTime + 30);

If my start time is 00:30:00.000 on adding 30 minutes it's becoming 00:30:00.00030

I know I can truncate each time attribute and then add minutes to it. But I want to make it dynamic, without truncating any value and adding any minute or hour.


The unit for adding or subtracting time values in milliseconds. For example, Timefield1__c has the value "2:00pm":

Timefield1__c + 600000 is “2:10pm” so 1min=60,000 milliseconds ,therefore for 30 min=30*60,000=1800000ms

Hope it helps!!

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