Realize that anything a third-party Salesforce backup & recovery service is able to do in theory I am able to do, but short-term, I am more focused on deploying Salesforce, than recovering it. That said, given Salesforce does not appear to even have a "one-click" backup & recovery feature, I want to know how to find & evaluate third-party Salesforce backup & recovery service providers, and any major gotchas to watch out for when using them.

Please note that this is NOT a request for a list of Salesforce backup & recovery service providers, per Stack Exchange's shopping recommendation guidelines.


Salesforce suggestion on the page promoting their own data recovery service (which is a one-time $10K minimum service) is to query the AppExchange for partners that provide backup & recovery services.

[Yes. This is an answer to my own question, but attempting to move the ball forward - and get an answer from someone that has a deeper knowledge of the topic.]

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