• Cross-object formula field My_Identifier__c on Case: Asset__r.My_Identifier__c

  • where Asset.My_Identifier__c is a text field, Shield-encrypted

  • HTML email template that looks like:

    Here is the identifier:{!Case.My_Identifier__c}<<


  • Email template rendered (using Send test and Verify Merge Fields) using a Case that references an Asset with a non-null value in Asset.My_Identifier__c


  • Template renders as Here is the identifier:<<No merge field populated

How do I fix this?

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As anyone using Shield encryption knows, there are all sorts of considerations documented here:

None of these are relevant

The workaround was surprising:

  • Create a new custom formula field on Case called My_Identifier_Clone__c. Copy-paste the exact same formula as in Case.My_Identifier__c.
  • Change the references to the formula field in the Email Template to be {!Case.My_Identifier_Clone__c}
  • Retest - email renders correctly

I suspect I could also have deleted the original formula field Case.My_Identifier__c and add back but this would be problematic to deploy through a Devops pipeline without two steps



  • Original troubleshooting involved changing the encryption settings and re-syncing all the records in a sandbox. This had no affect on the original issue.
  • We also confirmed that this was not a permission or sharing issues by logging in as multiple users with different settings.
  • In a metadata comparison the new and old field are exactly identical. The original field was created a few years ago, but everything else is the same.
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    – cropredy
    Oct 30, 2020 at 22:22

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