I am looking to update the message that is delivered to users when no agents are available to chat.

I am stumped where the messages are being set. I have checked:

  • quick message
  • $Label.site
  • custom labels
  • Einstein reply recommendations
  • Site's VFP's code
  • Embedded button code in WordPress

There doesn't seem to be anything intuitive under "Chat" in settings/quick find box.

Einstein Bot is enabled but we don't have any bots built yet.

Any navigation help or documentation on how to change the "No agents are available. We can't chat right now. Try again later." would be appreciated.

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You can use the "Additional branding" feature that is available.

Navigate to Setup> Go to Embedded Service>Embedded Service Deployments>select and View >Edit "Chat Settings" >Edit "Additional Branding".

Then click on the labels tab and you can find that you can customize all labels there.

Example: enter image description here

  • @Olivia Have you been able to check this in your Org?Happy to answer any follow-up queries. Thanks Nov 18, 2020 at 6:22

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